Transferable Skills Program

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The BioStruct Transferable Skills Program is organized and further developed by the managing director of BioStruct, who also is advisor for all BioStruct Fellows in questions of the further qualifying teaching program. The program considers a broad range of national and international demands and suggestions regarding an up to date and forward looking training of PhD students. During one- to two-day workshops BioStruct Fellows will be trained by professional experts in the fundamentals of a broad range of transferable skills. They will attend to at least nine workshops of the program, of which three have to be selected from the fields of:

  • Presentation/Communication
  • Professional Basics of Teaching and Learning (didactics)
  • Work/Project/Self organization and management

The remaining workshops can be selected from the yearly program on basis of individual learning aims with consulting support by the responsible academic advisors and the BioStruct managing director. The yearly programs will offer workshops in fields like communication, presentation, rhetoric, scientific writing, scientific proposals, professional teaching/didactics for university teaching, language courses in English or German (obligate for fellows lacking German language skills), project and work management, information management, time management, team work and moderation, biosecurity, good scientific practice, science ethics, quality management systems (GLP/GMP/GCP), basics of copyright and patent law, career management, etc.. All attended workshops will be documented and included in an accumulated PhD supplement for BioStruct alumnis.

A distinguishing characteristic of the BioStruct Transferable Skills Program is that a number of workshops with will be approvable by other certified and further qualifying training programs, such like the program  "professional teaching competence for universities" offered by the  University Didactics Network of North-Rhine Westphalia. Those workshops are realized in cooperation and in accordance with the regarding institutions and networks.

The BioStruct Transferable Skills Program in combination with daily practice in the course of the research projects and other areas of the BioStruct Teaching Program enables all BioStruct Fellows to build up an individual and sustainable profile of diverse key competences next to an exceptional scientific expertise and professionalism. Thus, fitting BioStruct alumni for constantly changing demands of national and international academic and non academic labor markets.

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