Prof. Dr. Karl-Erich Jaeger

Photo of Karl -Erich Jaeger


Prof. Dr. Karl -Erich Jaeger

Molekulare Enzymtechnologie
im Forschungszentrum Jülich
52426 Jülich
Phone +49 2461 613716

Special Methodical Expertise

  • enzyme gene identification – metagenomics
  • protein expression systems
  • large-scale (fermenter) protein production and purification
  • protein engineering and directed evolution
  • photochemistry of photoreceptor proteins

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Main areas of research interest

  • Biotechnological applications of photoreceptor proteins
  • Structure and function of flavin-binding photoreceptor proteins
  • Photobiology and physiology of non-photosynthetic bacteria

Research Group and Equipment

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BioStruct Research Project

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Important references

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  • Krauss, U., A. Losi, W. Gartner, K. E. Jaeger, and T. Eggert. 2005. Initial characterization of a blue-light sensing, phototropin-related protein from Pseudomonas putida: a paradigm for an extended LOV construct. Phys Chem Chem Phys 7:2804-11.
  • Becker, S., H. Hobenreich, A. Vogel, J. Knorr, S. Wilhelm, F. Rosenau, K. E. Jaeger, M. T. Reetz, and H. Kolmar. 2008. Single-cell high-throughput screening to identify enantioselective hydrolytic enzymes. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 47:5085-8.
  • Wilhelm, S., F. Rosenau, S. Becker, S. Buest, S. Hausmann, H. Kolmar, and K. E. Jaeger. 2007. Functional cell-surface display of a lipase-specific chaperone. Chembiochem 8:55-60.
  • Tielker D, Eichhof I, Jaeger KE, Ernst JF. 2009 FMN-based fluorescent protein as an oxygen-independent reporter in Candida albicans and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Eukaryot Cell, in press


  • Losi, Aba, Dr., Department of Physics-University of Parma, Parma, Italy
  • Gärtner, Wolfgang, Prof. Dr., Max-Planck-Institut für Bioanorganische Chemie, Mülheim, Germany
  • von Haeseler, Arndt, Prof. Dr., Center for Integrative Bioinformatics, Vienna, Austria
  • Benkovic, Stephen J., Prof. Dr., Department of Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University, USA
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