Prof. Dr. Dieter Häussinger

Photo of Dieter  Häussinger

Prof. Dr. Dieter Häussinger

Clinic for Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Infectiology
University Hospital Düsseldorf
Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
Moorenstr. 5

Curriculum Vitae & Publications

List of Publications

Special Methodical Expertise

  • FRET and TIRF microscopy
  • Live cell imaging/cell observer
  • Liver perfusion, liver cell isolation and primary liver cell culture
  • Stem cell biology
  • Astrocyte biology and hepatic encephalopathy

Main areas of research interest

  • Clinical and Experimental Hepatology
  • Cell hydration and cell function
  • Apoptosis and liver regeneration

Research Group and Equipment

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BioStruct Research Project

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Important references

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  • Reinehr, R., Sommerfeld, A. & Häussinger, D. (2008) CD95 ligand is a proliferative and antiapoptotic signal in quiescent hepatic stellate cells. Gastroenterology 134, 1494-1506
  • Görg, B., Qvartskhava, N., Keitel, V., Bidmon, H.J., Selbach, O., Schliess, F. & Häussinger, D. (2008) Ammonia induces RNA oxidation in cultured astrocytes and brain in vivo. Hepatology, 48, 567-579
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