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Hoa Quynh Do M.Sc.

Heise Group
Institute for Structural Biology and Biophysics
Research Center Jülich GmbH
Building: 15.1
Floor/Room: 157
52425 Jülich
Phone +492461-61-8069

Mini Academic CV

University degrees:

First degree or intermediate examination:

  • BSc (Biotechnology), 2000, Vietnam National University, Hanoi/ College of Science

Second degree and/or intermediate examination:

  • MSc (Molecular Bioengineering), 2006, Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany


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Attended conferences:

  • Tran The Thanh, Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong, Do Quynh Hoa, Dang Thanh Nam, Vu Minh Thiet, Nguyen Thi Ty, Nguyen Bich Nhi, Phan Van Chi (2007). Mining biomakers in human serum using proteomic approaches. International Conference Bio-Hanoi 2007 “From Bioscience to Biotechnology and Bioindustry”, December 18-19, 2007. pp147.
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  • Thanh Tran The, Hoa Do Quynh, Chi Phan Van (2007) Serum proteome analysis of patients with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma using thermostable fractionation combined with 2-DE and LC-MS/MS. HUPO 6th Annual World Congress, October 6-10, 2007, Seoul, Korea. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics October 2007, p.410.
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  • Trinh Dinh Dat, Do Quynh Hoa, Nguyen T. Minh Nguyet (2001). Study on esterase isozyme in organophosphate resistance of Plutella xylostella worm. International Workshop on Biology 2001, July 2-5, 2001, Hanoi, Vietnam, pp. 66-68.


  • In 1999: 3rd Prize, at the Competition for Scientific Research Students funded by Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and Vietnamese Fund for Technical Creation.
  • From 10/2004 to 09/2006: The full scholarship for studying in Bioscience oversea funded by Vietnamese Government and supporting scholarship funded by DAAD, Germany

BioStruct PhD project

Studying Structure, dynamics and topology of membrane proteins by solid-state NMR-spectroscopy
The study of membrane proteins in a native-like lipid bilayer environment remains a major challenge, as such systems often are not easily crystallizable nor solubilizable, conditions which are mandatory for structure determination by X-ray crystallography and solution NMR-spectroscopy, respectively. In the last decade, high-resolution solid-state NMR-spectroscopy has developed into a powerful tool for the investigation of immobilized proteins such as amyloid fibrils and membrane proteins. We will apply solid-state NMR-spectroscopy towards the characterization of structure, dynamics and topology of integral membrane proteins involved in signal transduction processes.


Topic Supervisor:

undefined Prof. Dr. Henrike Heise, Institut für physikalische Biologie & Institut für Neurosciences and Biophysics (INB)/ Institute 2: Molecular Biophysics (INB-2), HHUD & Research Center Jülich GmbH, Heise Group

Complementary Supervisor:

undefinedProf. Dr.Karl-Erich Jäger, Institut für Molekulare Enzymtechnologie, FZ Jülich, Jäger Group

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